Serenity by the sea

A couple of decades ago the first New Agey events began to emerge on the local scene. The first Shantipi Festival, which took place in a grove near Pardess Hanna, attracted a few hundred souls, most of whom had some backpacking in the Far East in their bios and were looking to recapture some of that spirit back home. Shantipi was soon followed by a rash of similar festivals, which generally took place on some holiday or other, and the whole enterprise grew into seriously big business. At its zenith, New Agey festivals were attracting anything up to 20,000 patrons and had become an industry.

The bubble eventually burst, leaving the niche void and bereft and ready to get back to its more humble beginnings and embrace a gentler spirit. The latter sentiment will be proffered at the Spirit Over Soul Festival, which will take place in Caesarea on August 27. It is a full dayer, kicking off at 9 a.m. and ending at midnight.


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