‘Serial Plaintiff’ wins labor court case against restaurant for discrimination

The Tel Aviv Regional Labor Court ruled in favor of Omri Kis last week in his lawsuit against Café Al Hayam Ltd., in which he claimed he had not been given work as a waiter because he is of Arab origin.

According to Kis, Café Al Hayam Ltd., part of the Café Café chain, accepted him for training but towards the end of the shift, the shift manager asked Kis what his race was. Kis answered that he was an Arab and in response, the shift manager replied that the restaurant is kosher and therefore he cannot employ Kis as a waiter, but suggested he work in a nearby restaurant.

Judge Keren Cohen, who presided over the case, awarded NIS 30,000 in compensation to Kis for the breaking of the Employment (Equal Opportunities) Law and an additional NIS 5,000 in legal costs.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Serial-Plaintiff-wins-labor-court-case-against-restaurant-for-discrimination-408725

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