Settlement leaders meet with Rivlin to toast New Year, share their grievances

In reaction to the amount of flak that the settler movement is receiving due to the actions and incitement of some of the extremists in its midst and in sympathy with its recurring security problems, President Reuven Rivlin invited council heads from Judea and Samaria to meet with him on Monday to share their grievances and to toast the incoming New Year.

Headed by Yesha Council chairman Avi Roeh, a delegation of slightly under 20 members of the Yesha Council met with Rivlin at his official residence in Jerusalem on Monday.

Speaking to journalists prior to the meeting, Roeh said that the settler movement was bearing the brunt of the actions of a few radicals, and was sometimes tarred with a brush of racism and intolerance based on actions by individuals who had nothing whatsoever to do with the settler movement, but was the fall-out of overly patriotic non-settlers.


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