Settler body approved controversial video depicting Europeans as Nazis, leftists as traitors

The Samaria Regional Council, which funds the group that published a controversial video likening Israeli leftists to Nazi collaborators, had prior knowledge and approved the publication of the clip, contradicting a previous statement, Haaretz learned on Wednesday. 

The cartoon, entitled "The Eternal Jew," was published earlier this week by the Samaria Residents Council, and caused a flurry of controversy with its portrayal of left-wing Israelis as serving the interests of anti-Semitic masters in exchange for a few Euros. The clip sparked public outrage, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounced the clip on Facebook.

The Samaria Residents Council receives roughly 1.2 million shekels ($300,00) per year from the Samaria Regional Council, which constitutes 90 percent of its budget. After the cartoon was published, the Samaria Regional Council stated that it did not have prior knowledge of the clip, but Haaretz has learned that this is false. Before it was released, the cartoon was presented to the heads of the regional council, who had no issues with the anti-Semitic motifs. They did, however, express reservations about the ending of the video, which shows the Jewish collaborator committing suicide at the behest of his master.

The fact that the video was released unedited angered the regional council leaders, who are now under fire for the ad.

Sagy Keizler, head of the Samaria Residents Council, refused to comment, and the Samaria Regional Council has yet to respond to inquiries.


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