Seven soldiers arrested for beating terrorists under arrest

Seven soldiers from the Nahal Haredi-Netzach Yehuda battalion were arrested over the past week, on charges of beating two or three terrorists. 

Three soldiers were arrested in one incident, wherein a terrorist arrested during a bust in Jenin was taken to the restroom and refused to leave. According to a military investigation into the incident, the soldiers used undue force to remove him from the facilities. 

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) also said the three are guilty of causing injuries to the terrorist's face, even though there is uncontested evidence that the terrorist banged his head against the wall and floor several times before he was formally detained – and, indeed, before the incident under investigation. 

The soldiers claim they were told the incident would be resolved within the unit and thus cooperated with the investigation, but despite this, arrests were made after a complaint was filed to the Military Police. 

Four other soldiers from the unit were arrested in similar incidents. 

Five soldiers are represented by attorneys Aaron Rosa, Hai Habar and Avi Pinarski from legal rights group Honenu, and on Thursday the military prosecutor's office will file charges against all seven men and ask for the extension of detention until the end of proceedings against them.

"This is an investigation that began when a terrorist who was arrested by security forces decided to falsely accuse a group of fighters of beating him as he sat under arrest," Habar stated to the press. "As can be seen so far it appears that the terrorist caused his own injuries, as affirmed by many witnesses, and not the suspects." 

"This serious incident is inconsistent with the expectations for IDF soldiers," the IDF Spokesperson's office stated in response. "The event was investigated by the brigade commander and is currently under a CID investigation." 


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