Shas withdraws Kashrut law again, likely to remain off agenda for medium term

Shas’ proposed amendment to the Law against Kashrut Fraud designed primarily to outlaw independent kashrut licensing authorities was removed once again from the agenda of the Ministerial Committee on Legislation on Sunday for the third time in three weeks.

Although it is unlikely to come back for the next few months, the underlying issues have not been resolved and it is probable that Shas will bring a revised amendment back to the committee once a new formulation has been worked out, especially in light of the fact that passing the legislation is part of the party’s coalition agreement with Likud.

As well as outlawing independent kashrut authorities, the Kulanu party has argued that the amendment will increase food prices since it would require many food products imported from abroad which have adequate kashrut supervision to gain full kashrut approval from the chief rabbinate, adding another level of bureaucracy and likely raising prices.


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