SHOCKING LETTER: 5-Year-Old Downs Syndrome Child Nearly Runs Out Of Oxygen Due To Peleg Protests

The following letter has been independently verified by YWN to be 100% authentic. No parts of the letter have been edited in anyway:

Dear YWN,

We live in Jerusalem and are foster parents of a 5 year old downs syndrome boy who is on oxygen tanks 24/7. His ride home from “gan” in the afternoon takes 30-45 minutes. By the end of day like this, the oxygen tank can be running very low with little margin for error.

On Thursday, the day of these protests, instead of returning home at 5:30 pm – 5:45 pm, our son returned home at 6:45 pm. The driver of his tender was in constant contact trying to find a way to reach close to our home, but the protests made the streets a “balagon”.

A GOOD YID NEEDS TO EXAMINE THE CONSEQUENCES OF HIS ACTIONS. Putting the life of a five-year old special needs child in danger due to protests in religious neighborhoods does not make sense.

Y.E. Jerusalem

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