Shofar blowing ceremonies to be staged in city parks

The Tzohar national-religious rabbinical association will be holding prayer services in 295 locales around the country for the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur this year, and expects to host 55,000 people for these services.

The organization has for the past 15 years conducted it’s “Praying Together” Yom Kippur services, intended specifically for people who do not regularly attend synagogue services, and which contains explanatory elements for the various practices and traditions of the High Holiday prayer services.

With it’s new “Listening Together” program, Tozhar is bringing the same format to the Rosh Hashana services, which will be held not in synagogues but in “neutral” locations such as community centers, in order to make the services less daunting for those who do not regularly attend synagogue.


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