Shohat, Sharabi and Chopin

For one of the most celebrated composers of all time, Frederik Chopin performed a surprisingly small number of times.

In 18 years of active creation, Chopin took the stage on less than three dozen occasions, preferring the privacy of his home to public arenas. In spite of his own shyness, Chopin’s voice was heard loudly, articulated beautifully via black and white piano keys. In the century plus since his death, Chopin has been heard on stages around the world, interpreted by hundreds of musicians. This weekend, his music will come to life not only through the caress of ivory but through the bodies of dancers.

Shohat, Sharabi, Chopin
, a performance created by composer, conductor and musician Gil Shohat and dancer and choreographer Idan Sharabi, will premiere tonight at Warehouse 2 in Jaffa.


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