Shomron March Aims to ‘Make the Children Part of the Future’

More than 3,000 children, youth, soldiers and adults from Samaria and across Israel on Monday took part in the annual Shomron March, in memory of former Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze'evi, who was murdered by terrorists.

This year’s march was held in and around Sabastia, marking 40 years since the beginning of the settlement enterprise in the region. Participating in the march was Ze’evi’s son, Palmach Ze’evi, who shared stories of his father with the participants.

The march was organized by the Shomron Regional Council, the Shomron Community Center, and Midreshet Shomron in collaboration with the Public Council at the Prime Minister’s Officer to commemorate the heritage of Rehavam Ze'evi.

David Tzur of the Shomron Regional Council, one of the organizers of the Shomron March, told Arutz Sheva that the goal of the march is to try to connect the children to the past “in order to make them be the future.”

“The fact that the children come back each year and want us to hold this event speaks for itself,” he added.


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