Shooting at US Capitol building

A shooting on Monday afternoon caused US Capitol Police to place the Capitol complex and the White House on total lockdown.

Gunshots were reported at the US Capitol visitors center and workers in the Capitol were told to "shelter in place," according to Senate sources quoted by Reuters.

The gunman was captured, but not before managing to shoot a police officer according to the Senate Sergeant At Arms.

Fortunately the officer did not suffer serious wounds according to the statement.

Police sources were cited by MSNBC as saying the site went into emergency mode, as no one was allowed in or out of the complex, and anyone outside was advised to seek cover immediately.

This is not the first time the Capitol building has been targeted. Last May during Memorial Day weekend a bomb squad detonated a pressure cooker found in a car parked nearby.

The pressure cooker raised great concerns since the appliance has been used in numerous terrorist attacks in the past as an explosive filled with nails and other shrapnel to inflict gruesome casualties.

The most notable usage as a means of attack was seen in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, in which an attack with two pressure cookers murdered three and wounded over 260 others.


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