Short films to honor Ephraim Kishon at Tel Aviv Cinematheque

The Tel Aviv Cinematheque is screening today (2 p.m.), a program of short satirical films, in honor of the legendary Israeli writer, playwright and Oscar-nominated movie director Ephraim Kishon.

These short films were inspired by the work of Kishon and were chosen in a competition in which 100 filmmakers took part. This gala screening will cap a series of events marking a decade since the beloved humorist’s death. The celebration included a humor festival devoted to Kishon, as well as the launch of a new book about his work, Kishoni.

According to Ziv Naveh, head of the Gesher Foundation, “This is a wonderful opportunity that allowed us to challenge artists to address social issues with humor,” as well as to honor the memory of Kishon, who was the “high priest” of Israeli satirical film.


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