Shurat Hadin calls upon FC Barcelona to cut its Qatari ties

Shurat Hadin-Israel Law Center has called upon FC Barcelona to sever ties with Qatari organizations – namely Qatar Airways – and refuse the $90 million endorsement it receives from them annually.

“This is blood money and FC Barcelona and Bartomeu [president of the club Josep Maria Bartomeu Floreta] must publicly reject [the endorsement] before the elections this week,” said Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, president of the Tel Aviv-based human-rights organization, arguing that Qatar is known as a country that supports terrorism, from Hamas to ISIS, and that accepting the endorsement is akin to openly supporting Islamic terrorism.

FC Barcelona, in December of 2014, reportedly said it would gradually cut ties with the Qatari government due to the alleged terror financing in which Qatar takes part. Darshan- Leitner said, however, it has not done so.


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