Significant drop seen in Jerusalem traffic accidents, injuries in 2014

The number of vehicular- related accidents and injuries in the capital decreased markedly in 2014 compared to the preceding year, an annual report from the Jerusalem Municipality’s Transportation and Infrastructure Department announced on Sunday.

In terms of accidents compared to 2013, the report stated that last year minor accidents dropped from 791 to 590 (26 percent); serious accidents dropped from 154 to 142 (8%); deadly accidents dropped from 11 to eight (28%); and total accidents dropped from 946 to 740 (22%).

With respect to vehicular- related injuries compared to 2013, the report said that minor injuries dropped from 1,284 to 1,073 (14%); serious injuries dropped from 162 to 148 (9%), while the total number of injuries dropped from 1,457 to 1,229 (16%).


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