Singers Slams Rivlin for ‘Rejecting’ Israeli Jews

Singer Amir Benayoun gave President Reuven Rivlin a thorough thrashing in an interview on Thursday, accusing the President of "caring for all sectors [in Israel], except the Jewish citizens of the state."

"In a very demonstrable way, Rivlin behaves arrogantly toward those who gave him backing until today," Benayoun argued to Israel Hayom. "The President ignores the entire nation, instead choosing to develop relations with only certain communities."

"He wants to be something new, a type of star," Benayoun continued. "He wants to impress [people] that he's celebrating others' holidays and can congratulate in Arabic. But he rejects the majority of the Israeli people."

According to Benayoun, "Rivlin has made racist remarks in the past year," which the singer asserts he could not believe he was hearing. 

The bad blood between Benayoun and Rivlin dates back to last November when Rivlin canceled a scheduled performance by the singer at his official residence after reading the lyrics of Benayoun's controversial song "Ahmed." 

Continuing the interview, the known right-wing singer distanced himself from the cries of leftist artists, voicing his support for Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev, and saying he does not understand why she is so "hated."

"Miri Regev demonstrates a courage and integrity greater than I have seen in many males," Benayoun declared. "It is the Culture Minister's role to intervene in cultural matter. If she doesn't intervene, she has no reason to be there."

"Culture has been in the hands of the Left for many years and we see where that's taken us," Benayoun continued. "It's time to give a chance to people who are able to bring culture to a different place."


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