Singing for his dishes

Musicians cite all sorts of influences and events that kick-start an unquenchable interest in music, but it is doubtful that many put it down to domestic chores.

“My brother and I used to wash the dishes at home, and to make the time more enjoyable we would take turns choosing a record to listen to while we worked,” recalls Simon Starr. “Sometimes we took longer than was needed to wash the dishes, so we could hear another record.”

That helped to develop Australian- born Starr’s musical sensibilities, and eventually set him on the road to becoming a professional musician who has plied his trade all over the world, on the jazz, ethnic, blues and rock sides of the music industry tracks, for over two decades and counting. While ensuring his family had clean plates to eat off of, Starr and his sibling got to hear some quality stuff from the domestic record collection.


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