Sixty Egyptian Soldiers Reported Killed in Bombings

A multi-pronged jihadist attack against the Egyptian military in the Sinai Peninsula has left at least 60 Egyptian soldiers dead, according to Arab reports cited by NRG. Other sources said there were at least 30 dead.

The attacks included a suicide car bomb detonated against a military checkpoint at Sheikh Zuweid in northern Sinai, which caused most of the casualties. There were also apparently multiple attacks on other military checkpoints and an explosive device was detonated on a major highway.

About seventy fighters simultaneously attacked five checkpoints in the area on Wednesday, security sources told Al Jazeera, adding that at least 22 of the fighters were killed and three of their vehicles were destroyed.

A police station in the town of Sheikh Zuweid was among the targets of the attacks, witnesses said.

Islamist fighters have launched many attacks killing hundreds of police and soldiers in the northern Sinai. The most active group is the ISIS affiliate called “Sinai Province.”

Witnesses reported hearing explosions in Sheikh Zuweid and Rafah.

It has also been reported that several Egyptian soldiers or civilians were abducted.


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