‘Skinny Pasta’ chain goes on anti-Semitic rant

Skinny Pasta is a popular product worldwide, selling healthy konjac noodles that are both tasty and non-fattening. But culinary delights were not the topic of a set of virulently anti-Semitic posts Sunday by the franchise manager of the company in South Africa.

Skinny Pasta is sold in Israel as well, and has an Israeli website in Hebrew for its local customers. The American page of the global chain specifies that "the product is kosher parve under the supervision of the chief rabbinate of Israel."

But despite all that, on Sunday the franchiser of the South African branch which is also kosher according to its website went on an unexpected racist rant on the franchise's official Facebook page.

"Controversy coming…Loads of it…watch this space for more…I even have my own banner…I woke up this beautiful Sunday morning full of promise and delight…only to find myself the target of venomous vitriol and hate because I dare to post TRUTH and solidarity with the oppressed people of this planet…Gaza being one such case and of course my convicted stance against zionism, plutocracy, technocracy, financial oppression, corruption, wars and the elitist agenda that seeks to destroy everything good and decent about humanity," read the post on the Skinny Pasta South Africa official page.

"Further to this…I am labelled an anti-semite, bigot and racist…It has been an interesting morning," concluded the franchiser.


Then just around three hours later, the franchise manager was back, with a post addressed "To all the haters and trolls."

"The problem with you zionist ashkenNAZI's and the zionist Christians that support you…you tend to think that you are a majority…Fact is…I really don't give a s*** (censored – ed.) that I get boycotted…sanctioned…blah, blah…I will stand by my convictions and I will voice them…and after this fiasco started by a zionist ashkeNAZI genocide supporting troll passing himself off as a BLACK South African woman who plays kiddie games online, trolling his hate filled vitriol to others…like you," read the post.

The anti-Semitic rant continued: "I will endeavor to be more outspoken and will not be silenced by the likes of you and your supremacy psychopathy…My products will be enjoyed by people that are in need…and yes…I will shut down my business to make my stand…The world is waking up…There is NO PLACE on this planet for people who slaughter children and women at a whim…"


The surprising anti-Semitic posts were met with hugely negative feedback, as users slammed the franchiser's racist comments.

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/210996

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