Smooth Sailing

When construction marred its view of the sea, the wellknown Tel Aviv café Picasso closed. The construction work ended, the view of the Mediterranean is no longer obstructed, but Picasso never reopened. In its stead, the Yacht Club Resto Bar has set up shop, occupying the entire terrace, which affords every diner at a table an expansive view of the boardwalk and water.

The Yacht Club is owned by three young men with extensive experience in the food and beverage industry, one of whom, Tal Ganz, is a principal in a company called Mixology, which provides bartending services. Ganz, the creator of the restaurant’s signature cocktails, recommended the Mexican Crazy Mule (NIS 45), his twist on the classic Moscow Mule in which tequila replaces vodka. The result is deliciously complex and bracing.


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