Smotrich: We need a new direction

MK Bezalel Smotrich (Jewish Home) called for an intense discussion within the party to examine whether the Netanyahu government is actually a partner in implementing its ideology for which it was elected or just degrades the security of Israeli citizens.

"The answer to terrorism is not a tactical response, not closure and not restrictions," Smotrich told Arutz Sheva. ''We must change direction [entirely]. It is impossible to fight terrorism as long as we are prisoners to the concept of a Palestinian state."

''This concept says that must maintain a 'partner' so we have someone to talk to. Therefore it is impossible to give the IDF guidelines to defeat terrorism, to defeat the Palestinian Authority which drives this terror, finances and encourages it.'

He claimed that as long as the Prime Minister continues talking about the need to establish a Palestinian State he is pouring fuel on Arab terrorism and nurtures their hope to establish a Palestinian state.

"We must annex and apply sovereignty [in Judea and Samaria], to say that there will be no Palestinian state, to end the dispute unequivocally," stressed MK Smotrich. ''A government which continues to move in the direction of a Palestinian state will never be able to provide security for Israeli citizens."

Tomorrow at the Jewish Home faction meeting Smotrich will demand a deep and penetrating soul-searching. "We must ask ourselves whether this government, in which we are partners, is good for the people of Israel or only weakens their defense. This is a discussion that I will try to put before members of the faction meeting tomorrow."


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