So Picasso and Einstein walk into a bar…

As a youngster in 1960s Britain, I’d eagerly await Saturday evenings – in the winter when Shabbat went out early – so I could catch the new episode of the original series of Doctor Who. I wanted to see where the white-haired time lord would end up next in his police boxshaped Tardis spaceship, and which civilization he’d encounter. I began fantasizing about nipping all over the chronological show, and which great historical characters I might chance upon.

If you happen to be in the environs of Ramat Aviv this evening or tomorrow evening (both 8 p.m.,), and you harbor a similar dream, you may be able to assuage that wish, to a degree, by popping along to the The Rozin Community Center, where The Stage acting group, in collaboration with director Amber Gitter and producer Neil Goldstein, will present Picasso at the Lapin Agile.


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