Soldier on trial fired the shot that killed wounded terrorist

Investigators in the case of the soldier who shot a wounded terrorist in Hevron last month have concluded that the soldier arrested over the incident did indeed fire the fatal shot, according to sources close to the investigation.

In should be noted, however, that the forensics team at the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute who are conducting the tests have not yet confirmed those reports.

The incident in question took place immediately following a stabbing attack by two Arab terrorists, which left an Israeli soldier moderately wounded. Both terrorists were shot by alert forces on the scene; one was killed and the other seriously injured.

Minutes latest, in a scene filmed by an activist from the far-left B'Tselem NGO, the wounded terrorist can still be seen moving as he lay neutralized on the ground. At that point one soldier was filmed cocking his weapon and shooting the terrorist in the head. 

Sunday's ruling by two independent pathologists, one Israeli and the other from the Palestinian Authority, will bolster the prosecution's case to charge him for manslaughter, as it confirms the terrorist was not fatally wounded from the initial shooting.

The incident and subsequent prosecution of the soldier has provoked controversy in Israel, with many Israelis firmly against the trial, particularly as Arab terrorists continue to murder or attempt to murder innocent Israelis on a regular basis.

The soldier claims in his defense that he only shot the terrorist because he fears he was attempting to detonate an explosive charge hidden underneath his thick coat, while prosecutors accuse him of carrying out an "execution" against military regulations.

The accused soldier is currently under arrest at his base pending a verdict in the case, after more severe charges of "murder" were ruled out.


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