Soldier who shot wounded terrorist remanded for two more days

An IDF military court has extended the remand of a soldier on trial for shooting an injured terrorist in the head.

The court ordered the suspect, whose identity is currently under a gag order, be held for an additional two days, pending the verdict in his trial, which took place today.

Earlier Tuesday hundreds of protesters gathered outside the court to support the soldier, who killed the terrorist following a stabbing attack in Hevron last Thursday.

Two terrorists took part in that attack, which left one IDF soldier moderately wounded, before being shot by other soldiers on site.

While one of the terrorists was killed on the spot, the second appeared to still be alive in video footage from the incident, which shows the soldier in question cocking his weapon and shooting him in the head several minutes after the attack.

Prosecutors allege he acted against IDF protocol and "confirmed the kill" of the terrorist, who had already been neutralized and was lying wounded on the ground, purely for revenge.

The soldier and his defense team deny those charges, and say he feared the terrorist was attempting to detonate a hidden explosive device.

The case has proven highly controversial in Israel, where Arab terrorists have murdered dozens and left hundreds injured in a wave of knife, car and gun attacks. Recent polls show most Israelis resent seeing a soldier on trial for killing a terrorist attacker.


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