Solve the mystery of the human genome

True story: someone had an IRA with a big U.S. brokerage firm, but he lived overseas. Recently, the firm told him that they would stop servicing his account and that he had to transfer his assets out. What should he do?

What is the easiest way to transfer an IRA from one brokerage firm to the next? In today's episode of The Goldstein On Gelt Show, Doug explains what you should do if this happens to you. Doug also explains why you should care if your money guy is a "financial advisor" or a "money manager."

In today'’s interview, Professor Tomas Lindahl, this year’'s winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, talks about his research with DNA and the human genome. Dr. Lindahl shares insights about the vulnerability of your DNA… and how it might be possible to fix it. Is a cure for cancer on the horizon? Discover why medical research is one of the most important investments there is. 

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