Son born to friendly-fire victim Eliyav Gelman

Rinat Gelman, the widow of IDF captain Eliyav Gelman who was killed by friendly fire as he fought to stop an attacking Arab terrorist on February 24, gave birth to a son on Friday morning.

Eliyav Gelman's brother Eyal, the security officer of Kiryat Arba, said that "the birth was quick at the house of Eliyav and Rinat in Karmei Tzur, in their home that so symbolizes Eliyav and the palpable feeling that Eliyav is also with Rinat in this great and moving moment."

"With God's help we will continue to build the family and the entire nation of Israel in its homeland, for the splendor of the magnificent past of the nation of Israel in its national and spiritual freedom," added Eyal, wishing a happy Passover to the Jewish nation.

The new baby is Rinat and Eliyav's third, joining their older children Yair (5) and Yoav (2).

In the incident, Eliyav approached and twice shot an Arab terrorist who was launching a knife attack at Gush Etzion Junction in Judea, heroically neutralizing the terrorist. Tragically he was hit by an errant bullet from an IDF guard post which was meant for the terrorist.

The terrorist was moderately wounded, having been shot twice by Eliyav and twice by soldiers at the guard post.

Eliyav's family mourned his untimely death while revealing his noble spirit, and President Reuven Rivlin visited the family where he learned more about Eliyav's great faith.


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