Stabbing attack in Jerusalem

A 17-year-old Jewish boy was wounded in a stabbing attack by two Arab terrorists just minutes before the end of Shabbat in Jerusalem.

The attackers fled immediately after committing the attack, which took place near the Old City's Damascus Gate.

Magen David Adom paramedics quickly arrived at the scene providing first aid to the victim. One, Nati Haron, said: "When we got to the scene we saw a fully-conscious 17-year-old youth. He was walking around and received first aid from police officers who were present. We put him in an ambulance and took him to the hospital, while giving him medical treatment. His condition is lightly wounded."

They took the victim, who was stabbed in the upper body, to Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital.

Police are currently searching for the two terrorists.

Doctors at Hadassah Mount Scopus are also treating the victim of Wednesday's terror attack by Givat Ze'ev. His condition is improving and he has been taken off the respirator.


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