State archive reveals: Eichmann’s wife visited him in Israeli prison

The wife of  notorious Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann visited her husband in an Israeli prison prior to his execution in 1962, a prison visitor’s log recently released by Israel’s State Archives reveals.

Vera Eichmann’s visit has been a closely guarded secret for the 53 years since Eichmann was executed. She visited her husband for 90 minutes after midnight on April, 30, 1962.

According to other documents released by the archives, Vera Eichmann’s request was discussed by the Israeli cabinet during a meeting on March 18, 1962.

At the time, Eichmann was awaiting the results of an appeal he filed with the court against his death sentence. The appeal was ultimately rejected, and Eichmann was executed just after midnight on May 31, 1962.

Eichmann’s killing followed his dramatic abduction from Buenos Aires two years earlier, when Mossad agents transferred him to Israel for trial.

Eichmann had been born in Germany on March 19, 1906, but lived much of his life in Austria. He joined the Nazi Party in 1932 and began to rise through the ranks.

He started working on the Jewish issue toward the end of 1934. Although he never reached the level of policy maker, it was he who eventually became responsible for implementing the “Final Solution” – a euphemism for deporting the Jews of occupied Europe to the east and murdering them.


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