State budget passes after 12 hours of voting and antics

The Knesset approved the 2015-2016 state budget and Economic Arrangements Bill early Thursday, after an overnight marathon bill of over 12 hours, during which parliamentary antics abounded.

For much of the time, the MKs had to press “for” or “against” on a screen over, and over again, with occasional roll-call votes – the opposition was limited to 20 total – during which the lawmakers could leave the plenum to get something to eat or relieve themselves, which coalition and opposition coordinators forbade them from doing otherwise.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu passed the time by reading The Aaronson Saga by Shmuel Katz, a biography of the World War I-era Nili underground’s founder, Aaron Aaronson, and his staff even tweeted a photo of the book’s cover.


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