State indicts Abergil brothers, 16 others in large scale crackdown on organized crime

The Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office on Monday filed indictments against criminal kingpins Yitzhak and Meir Abergil and 16 other associates or related alleged criminals for their involvement in the attempted bombing of rival crime-lord Ze’ev Rosenstein in Tel Aviv in December 2003 and the incidental murder of three bystanders.

Other top criminals indicted included Avi Ruhan and Moti Hasin in an investigation which has also covered drug trafficking, conspiracy, tax offenses and money-laundering charges and extended on for months, blanketing the headlines with constant new arrests and announcements of additional defendants turning state’s witnesses against their former masters in organized crime.

Yitzhak Abergil has been serving jail time on a range of criminal offenses linked to his time as one of the country’s leading crime bosses, most recently in Israel. He also served some jail time in the US prior to January 2014.


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