State to put deal before court as senior policeman turns against even higher official

In a bribery scandal which continues to turn the police and the state prosecution inside out, the state will bring a dramatic plea bargain for court approval on Wednesday as one senior policeman will turn state’s witness against an even higher and still unnamed police official among the force’s highest echelon.

Late Monday night, the Justice Ministry announced that a gag order had been lifted on its deal with already indicted former police commander Supt. Eran Malka to testify against an even higher police commander who was only one rank below Police Ch. Insp. Yohanan Danino.

Malka was indicted in the Jerusalem District Court on May 14, along with former heal Tel Aviv state prosecutor Ruth David, famous lawyer Ronel Fisher, businessmen Yair Biton and several others in one of the country’s most wild bribery schemes ever uncovered.


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