Store owners petition mandatory Shabbat closures

Owners of mini markets in downtown Jerusalem are petitioning a recent ruling by city hall that will be forcing their closure on Shabbat. The mini market owners who stay open on Shabbat are among the only businesses in the city that do so and are claiming that the enforcement of the law is illegal.

Jerusalem City Hall sent out letters to the mini markets who remain open, warning them that the city will begin to strictly enforce the current law which does not allow businesses to operate on the day of rest.  

According to a report by Army Radio the petitioners are complaining that the status quo of not enforcing the law is being changed by the Mayor due to political concerns and has nothing to do with substantive considerations.

Former Legal Council of Jerusalem, Attorney Yossi Habilio, is acting as legal counsel for the petitioners. Habilio said during an interview that “I believe that the consideration here is strictly a narrow minded political one to appease the haredi city council members of the haredi public in general.”  

"A shady transaction is  going on here that will adversely affect hundred of thousands of residents,” Habilio claimed.  

Approximately one month ago the Jerusalem’s Deputy Legal Council and head of fine collection, Attorney Haim Nargassi, notified Habilio that the petitions against the new enforcement of the law had been rejected in a hearing that was held regarding the owner’s complaints. Nargassi further told Habilio that the crack down on the mini markets will begin on Saturday, April 2nd.   


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