Storm Sets In, Blinding Mist Closes Eilat Airport

The storm that started settling in on Tuesday has clamped down on Wednesday, with the heavy misty haze and strong winds causing severe limitations of visibility at the Eilat Airport in Israel's southern port city, leading to the closure of the airport.

Video from the airport's control tower reveals just how poor the visibility is.

Given the weather conditions, the Israel Airport Authority released a statement calling on those with scheduled flights to check in with their airlines due to the myriad of cancellations.

In the north, heavy rains have been striking periodically as part of a thunderstorm that is expected to spread out over the country and into the central coastal region throughout the day, with a potential threat of flooding.

Snow has already fallen on the northern Hermon Mountain, which has been closed to skiers due to the adverse weather.

The forceful winds may bring the snow to the central mountains in the Jerusalem area by evening; they have already whipped up a sandstorm in the south. In addition to the various forms of precipitation, temperatures have dropped noticeably.

On Tuesday as the heavy mists started intensifying, over 130 people were treated for breathing problems by Magen David Adom (MDA) crews. MDA workers and volunteers are at a high level of preparedness on Wednesday to help cope with the increasingly hazardous weather.



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