Sudanese Islamist leader al-Turabi dies at 84

Hassan al-Turabi, the Sudanese Islamist who played a key role in the 1989 coup that brought President Omar al-Bashir to power but later had a falling-out with him, died Saturday at the age of 84, Sudan’s state-run news agency said. Al-Turabi broke with al-Bashir in 1999, 10 years after helping him seize power, and had been in the opposition ever since, most recently as the leader of the Popular Congress Party. He was jailed by al-Bashir’s government on a number of occasions. Al-Turabi passed away at the Royal Care International Hospital in Khartoum, the Sudanese capital. He was brought to the hospital early on Saturday after losing consciousness at his office. The cause of death was not immediately known.



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