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If you’re going to Tel Aviv and want to take in the sea breezes and tranquil view of the port while getting topnotch treatment and a good night’s sleep, then book a room at the newly opened Port and Blue TLV Suites Hotel. The neighborhood is awash with trendy stores, restaurants and a fantastic boardwalk, which is matched only by the high-flying waves that rhythmically glance off the port wall, sometimes giving you a nice outdoor shower if you get too close.

“Port and Blue was designed to provide an exclusive and unique experience for guests, who get a full suite for the price of a single room,” says hotel CEO Ruth Kaplan.

“A lot of creative thought was invested in designing every room. The hotel, the rooms and the suites were all created to enable guests to relax in an environment that is calm and tranquil, as well as having an intimate homey atmosphere.”


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