Supreme Court rejects appeal of Gaza arms smuggler who claims Shin Bet obtained coerced confession

The Supreme Court on Sunday voted 2-1 to reject the appeal of a Gaza man who sought to overturn his conviction for massive arms smuggling through Hamas tunnels and other offenses, arguing that his confession should be ignored as it was allegedly obtained improperly either by abuse or when he was physically unhealthy.

The majority vote on the appeal of Faouzi Ramilat was carried by Supreme Court President Miriam Naor and Justice Noam Sohlberg against a dissenting vote by Justice Yoram Danziger.

Ramilat was convicted of involvement in illegally smuggling hundreds of Kalashnikov rifles, handguns, explosives and persons around and across the Gaza, Sinai and Israel borders during the years 2004-2009. Including six major arms transactions.


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