Surf’s up!

When the weather heats up, the sea seductively beckons and the bathing suits come out of the closet, it’s time for the music of the Beach Boys. The perennial all-American band – built on Chuck Berry riffs, surfing, hot rods, girls and the allure of eternal youth – has remained in the psyche and on the iPods of music fans around the world, mainly due to the talent and vision of Brian Wilson, the gifted but troubled writer of some of rock’s most enduring songs.

Wilson’s scope expanded significantly in the second half of the 1960s, as along with The Beatles, he began making rock music for adults. And there is no better example of that growth than on the Beach Boys’ pinnacle Pet Sounds, released in 1966. Now, on the album’s 50th anniversary, the 74-year-old Wilson is performing Pet Songs in its entirety on a world tour that stops at the Ra’anana Amphitheater on June 8.


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