Swastikas and cocaine – Catholic priest caught redhanded

A video and photographs published by The Sun on Monday have landed a Catholic priest in Northern Ireland in hot water over drug use and a sizable collection of Nazi material.

The priest, Stephen Crossan, had invited friends over to his church residence for a wild late-night party after having been thrown out of another soiree.

Partygoers reported that Crossan drank heavily, and he was filmed snorting lines of cocaine.

Guests were also stunned to discover Crossan’s extensive collection of swastika flags and Nazi memorabilia, including uniforms and a Nazi-era statuette featuring an eagle carrying a swastika.

Crossan also reportedly put on a Nazi cap and performed the Hitler salute.

While he confirmed that the film was indeed accurate, Crossan contended that it was an isolated incident and that he does “not have an issue with drugs," The Sun reported.

Crossan also denied suspicions of Nazi-sympathies, claiming the uniforms, flags, and memorabilia were merely part of a collection of historical items.

“I’m no Nazi,” he said. “I collect historical stuff. There’s stuff from every country.”   

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/208688

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