Syrian Army claims to have repulsed major rebel offensive on Golan military positions

According to Reuters; a Syrian Army source claimed that the army had beat back an insurgent assault to take over several hilltops and the government-controlled villages of Tel Shaar and Tel Bazaq, north of the deserted provincial capital of Quneitra. “Army units have foiled efforts by the terrorist groups against these villages in the Quneitra countryside,” the army source said, adding at least 200 insurgents were killed or wounded in the army operations. State television footage showed several tanks and dozens of ground troops moving reinforcements through army-held villages in the lush agricultural border province, where rebels have made gains in the last two years. Rebel spokesman Issam al-Rayes wrote on Twitter that an alliance of insurgent groups, which did not include al Qaeda’s Syria wing Nusra Front, were taking part in the offensive under the banner of the rebel Free Syrian Army. Nusra has fought in southern Syria but is not thought to be the main insurgent force there, unlike in other parts of the country.



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