Syrian rescue expert urges UN to stop barrel bomb attacks

UNITED NATIONS – The head of a Syrian rescue organization that searches for survivors and more often finds bodies in the rubble left by what he says are barrel bombs dropped from government helicopters appealed to the UN Security Council on Friday to stop indiscriminate

attacks that have escalated dramatically and are mainly killing civilians.

Raed Saleh told the UN’s most powerful body that “the Security Council in the eyes of those suffering has become a non-Security Council” because it hasn’t implemented its February 2014 resolution demanding an end to indiscriminate use of weapons in populated areas, including barrel bombs. “The Syrian people who are killed day after day hold you responsible and call on you to take the necessary measures to put an end to the killing in Syria, particularly the use of indiscriminate weapons,” he told an informal council meeting focusing on the increasing use of barrel bombs in the Syrian war, now well into its fifth year with well over 200,000 killed.



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