Taipei mayor to attend China forum after row fizzles

A forum between the mayors of the Taiwan capital of Taipei and the Chinese city of Shanghai will take place after all, Taipei said on Wednesday, suggesting a dispute over the Taipei mayor’s refusal to endorse Beijing’s “one China” policy has fizzled out. Taiwan has been holding the annual “Two Cities” forum with China’s financial capital since 2010 but this year’s meeting in Shanghai was

in doubt because Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je has repeatedly refused to recognise Beijing’s view of “one China”. Taiwan’s ruling Nationalist Party fled to the island after losing the civil war against China’s communists in 1949. China has since viewed self-ruled Taiwan, across the narrow Taiwan Strait, as a renegade province and has not ruled out the use of force to bring it under its control. China’s Xinhua news agency said on Monday that Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je told media he “understands and respects” the “one China” principle. A spokesman for the Taipei government confirmed Ko used those words and said Ko added: “But I think my view also has another positive meaning… As long as it is good for cross-strait peace development, I will not reject it.”



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