Teen accused of murdering twin sister in Tel Aviv sent photo of body to friends

Shiri Sobol is only an 18-year-old high school girl but on Friday she stood in court on suspicion of murdering her twin sister Hilit in a strange and brutal act of violence a day earlier at their family home in Tel Aviv.

Sobol told the court “I didn’t stab her or murder her, I love my sister”, just before she was ordered kept in custody for nine days on suspicion of conspiracy, tampering with an investigation, possession of a knife, and being directly involved in causing her sister’s death.

The judge also ordered her sent for a psychiatric exam, after her attorney Gil Friedman told the court “she’s not a normal girl; she suffers from serious problems and needs a specialist to examine her and give a psychiatric assessment”

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Tel-Aviv-girl-accused-of-murdering-sister-sends-pic-of-body-to-friends-445486

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