Teen indicted for murder of twin sister, who was stabbed more than 130 times

An 18-year-old boy stabbed a teenage girl more than 130 times outside her family home last month, all while his accomplice – the victim’s twin sister – watched him carry out the murder they planned, according to an indictment issued on Thursday.

Despite the young age of the killer David Eran, the murder of Hili Sobol on February 18 showed an almost subhuman brutality. According to details of the autopsy presented in the indictment, Eran stabbed Hili more than 130 times across her entire body, including more than 30 times just in the neck.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Teen-indicted-for-murder-of-twin-sister-who-was-stabbed-more-than-130-times-448308

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