Tekuma Threatens Bennett over Shaked Appointment

Shortly after the Jewish Home scored a major political victory with the Likud's acquiescence to appoint Ayelet Shaked as the next Justice Minister, an internal schism is looming.

The Tekuma faction inside the Jewish Home, which is led by Uri Ariel, says that the appointment of Shaked is in contravention of the unification agreement between the Jewish Home and Tekuma.

According to that agreement, Ariel will receive the portfolio that is second in order of seniority, if the Jewish Home enters the coalition. Therefore, if Chairman Naftali Bennett is to become Education Minister, Ariel should be appointed Justice Minister, not Shaked.

In a letter to the party's director, Ofir Sofer, members of the Tekuma Central Committee said that while they see Shaked as qualified for the job, “Mr. Bennett has to stand up to his commitments and give the second senior position to the representative of the National Union – Tekuma movement, Uri Ariel.”

The letter describes the appointment of Shaked as harming the parties' agreement, then goes further and issues a threat: “Members of the Central Committee see this harm as a red line and will instruct their representatives in the Knesset to retire to the Opposition.”

They demand that the letter be transferred to Bennett and “hope Mr. Bennett agrees and finds the way to fulfill his promises.”

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/195065

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