Temple Mount Access Restricted to Muslims 50+

Police arrest a Muslim rioter near the Temple Mount. July 27, 2017

The police have decided to limit entry to the Temple Mount on Friday to Muslim men over the age of 50 and to Muslim women of all ages.

This decision was made in light of yesterday’s Muslim riots on the Temple Mount and near the Lions’ Gate. Nearly 100 people were injured during the riots, according to the Red Crescent.


The police say they have intelligence that Muslim extremists are planning to try and cause further disruptions and violence today.

During yesterday’s riots, the Muslims attacked police and threw stones down onto the Kotel below. One policeman was wounded when a rock hit his head.

The police have expanded their presence around the Temple Mount, the Old City and Jerusalem in general to prevent further disruptions to the public order and safety.

Roadblocks have been set up on the roads to Jerusalem.