Tens of thousands of elderly forgo heat, food, says survey

Substantial numbers of elderly citizens go without essentials such as food, medicine and heating because they can’t afford them, a new survey by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has found.

The survey of a representative sample of 400 men and women 65 and older was conducted by the Geo-cartography Institute for the IFCJ, with a 4.9 percentage point margin of error.

According to the poll, 18 percent of the elderly population go without home heating, while 16% forgo basic necessities, particularly food, to pay for heat. A third of all elderly citizens must forgo either heating, hot water, food, medicine or other needs for financial reasons the study found.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Tens-of-thousands-of-elderly-forgo-heat-food-says-survey-442890

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