Terror Attack Raises Questions About Security Procedures

The terror attack Sunday in Be'er Sheva raised serious questions among security officials and ordinary citizens as to the effectiveness of the security measures that have been implemented at public spaces around Israel – because the attack occurred inside what was supposed to have been a “safe” area, with the terrorists bringing inside weapons that security measures should have caught.

One person was killed and nine injured in the shooting terror attack at Be'er Sheva's Central Bus Station. One of the casualties was seriously injured and four more have suffered moderate wounds. A seventh casualty was lightly wounded, according to Magen David Adom chief Eli Bin.

One terrorist carried out the attack. Using a handgun, he shot a soldier and took his M-16 assault rifle, then used it to shoot his other victims.

A troubling fact is that the attack occurred inside the bus station – at least fifty meters beyond the security checkpoint, where passengers are checked for weapons and are required to pass their bags through an X-ray machine.

Police and security officials were very concerned about what appeared to be the ability of the terrorist to bypass those security measures. Speaking Sunday night, Southern District Police Deputy Commander Doron Ben-Hamo said that the matter would be investigated thoroughly.

Security officials are also concerned that the attack Sunday marks a turning point in the terror surge, from the use of knives to use of firearms. 

Besides the fact that the terrorist used a gun, he was also apparently transported to the bus station by someone. Police on Sunday night had set up roadblocks as they searched for a vehicle that may have transported the terrorist to the site of the attack, but have not yet reported finding it.

These and other questions were being seriously considered on Sunday night by security officials.

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/202084

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