Terrorism doesn’t strike only once

‘It’s been a year since I last worked. A year.”

This is Patrice Oualid’s cry from the heart, his first words of desperation. This is his pain, even before he starts talking about that momentous day when he stared death in the face, the day when life changed completely.

“I had been working since I was 13. Everything was good with my job. And now what I’m doing is just going around in circles. My whole life was destroyed. I’m currently studying at the ulpan [Hebrew language course], but I’m 50 and it’s quite difficult to learn a new language at this age. I’m doing my best to hang on, but for what? What will happen? There is nothing. Not even a job.”

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Terrorism-doesnt-strike-only-once-438997

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