‘The Bank Hapoalim Affair’ Smuggled out of Afghanistan, Ido Michaeli’s carpet is now on exhibit

In 2010, Israeli artist Ido Michaeli made some preliminary drawings for the design of a wall-carpet. With the assistance of Yitzhak Mattat, an Israeli rug merchant, said carpet was made in and smuggled out of Afghanistan and is now on display in the Israel Museum’s “6 Artists 6 Projects” exhibition, one of the museum’s special exhibits to mark it’s 50th anniversary.

“Bank Hapoalim Carpet,” part of a trilogy titled “Cloth Merchants,” is the name given to the complete installation and is accompanied by a short documentary outlining some of the processes involved in the carpet’s making and an app that helps the viewer decipher it.

Michaeli creates artworks in a variety of mediums, although the use of fabric is a constant in his output.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/The-Bank-Hapoalim-Affair-Smuggled-out-of-Afghanistan-Ido-Michaelis-carpet-is-now-on-exhibit-402181

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