The Bedouin Tracker Who Saved Naftali Bennett’s Life


An IDF Bedouin tracker made a memorable visit to the home in which Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home) is sitting shiva for his father Jim, who passed away last week.

The two former comrades reminisced about their shared experiences in the military, including a 1993 incident in which the tracker saved Bennett's life in Lebanon.

Bennett explained that they were on a footpatrol in Lebanon when "suddenly Fawas he yelled at me to stop! I immediately stood still. He said not to move and began cleaning the stones. He pulled out an anti-personnel mine."

Many people have visited the Haifa home in which the Bennett family is staying, including national-religious rabbis, youth movement delegations, ambassadors, politicians, diplomats, and fellow citizens who knew Jim Bennett.

Minister Bennett eulogized his father at the funeral on Thursday, saying, "My greatest pride was that I had the most creative father in the world.

"You always built the sukka and you refused to buy a pre-made sukka. You created a business and you were an honest and direct man. You were frugal but gave charity generously. You had so much love for the State of Israel and you instilled in us our Zionism and love of the land.

"When your grandson finished the naval commander's course you said that your dream had been fulfilled and it was for this that you came to the Land of Israel. We were proud of you and you were a good Jew."

Jim Bennett was a major supporters of the Arutz Sheva radio station during the 1990s. He and his wife took part in protests against the Oslo Accords and were active in the struggle to prevent territorial concessions and to preserve the Land of Israel.


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