The Best Just Got Better: IDF Introduces the Commando Division

The IDF has some tough soldiers – and now, some of the toughest will be pushed even further to the limits of their physical, intellectual, and tactical capabilities. The IDF on Monday announced the Commando Division, which will institute new training protocols and missions for some of the best soldiers in the army – those in units like Duvdevan, Maglan, Egoz, and Rimon.

The new division will incorporate the special skills of each of the units – for example, elite Duvedvan fighters specialize in urban combat, while Egoz troops specialize in anti-guerilla warfare in all settings – designing missions that will further enhance the capabilities of the army, especially in emergency situations.

The plan was announced Monday by IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkott. The new division is part of a reorganization of the army, which the IDF is undertaking in order to more effectively respond to new threats, a spokesperson said.

Commanding the division will be IDF Reserve General Ofer Winter. Winter achieved media notoriety last year when, speaking to soldiers who were on their way to the front in Operation Protective Edge, said that “we are now setting off to fight the terrorist enemy in Gaza, who curses and stamps their feet at the G-d of Israel. I cast my eyes heavenward and cry out with you the traditional prayer 'Hear O Israel, the L-rd is Our G-d, the L-rd is One.'”


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